BIH Attracted The Most Arab and Turkish Capital

strane investicijeInvestments from the Islamic World seem to be the main source of development in Western Balkan countries.

In the last period there have been findings that in the years following the war in BIH, in contrast to Serbia and Croatia, much less true capital arrived from Turkey, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The research of media house TV1 in BIH, based on data from relevant institutions of the three neighboring countries, clearly showed that these allegations are untrue, and that in our country there has been more investment than in Croatia and Serbia.

BIH is a country that has most investment from Arab countries and Turkey. The most important economic investments in BIH came from Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti Fund invested 65 million dollars in the post-war start production of Steel Zenica. Thanks to Kuwaiti investment, Steel Zenica bought a modern electric furnace and began steel production once again.

The Saudis will also invest 17 million dollars in the Sarajevo University Library.

Investors from Saudi Arabia invested money in factories in BIH, such as Bosnalijek and Vispak.

The Arabic investor group Al Shiddi invested around 60 million euros for the reconstruction of Hotel Bristol, and the development of the business center Sarajevo.

Through the Saudi Fund for Development at an official level, they helped a number of economic projects in BIH in the renovation and construction of infrastructure and housing buildings, such as the reconstruction of the Philosophy Faculty in Sarajevo and the renovation of 12 primary and secondary schools.

Turkish commercial investments in BIH are worth around 420 million euros, and Turkey is making its way to the top as one of the leading investors in BIH.

(Source: TV1)

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