Who is the BiH Artist whose Work decorates Totti’s Apartment?

1000_1476890227amar-totti-karikaturaThe 35-year-old man from Sarajevo, Amar Ajdinović, has been drawing caricatures for the last five years and his works delight many users of social networks, as well as many famous individuals.

Amar is a cartoonist, designer, illustrator, calligrapher and a professor.

“I stated drawing caricatures when I realized that our society lacks originality and humor, and then my hobby turned into a small workshop. Then I turned it all into a studio that deals with digital drawing. The aim is to create original gifts that emphasize the uniqueness of every individual, given that all of us have their own character. I convey it all into the drawing and the surprise and delight is inevitable because it is an unexpected gift,” said Amar.

On the occasion of the thirteenth anniversary of the death of the first president of the Presidency of RBiH, Alija Izetbegović, Amar decided to pay tribute to the favorite president in his own way, as he knows best.

“Although I do not usually draw individuals from the political core, I was inspired by the character and work of the first president of the Presidency of RBiH. After the independence of BiH, while reading his books and thinking about his biography, I drew the historical moment that stayed in my memory when I was a boy. It was October 14, 1991 in the Assembly of RBiH, when the war criminal Radovan Karadžić threatened: ‘Don’t think that you will not lead Bosnia and Herzegovina into hell and the Muslim nation into disappearance, because the Muslim nation cannot defend itself if a war breaks out here!’, and the president Izetbegović courageously and confidently responded: ‘The Muslim nation will not disappear. I say this to Mr. Karadžić’, after which he received a thunderous applause. I remember that moment and those were brave and determined words of people who love and defend their nation and homeland,” Amar recalled. Amar drew that moment and published it on his Facebook profile.

Amar cooperated with many actors, athletes, artists, musicians and other public personas. He especially highlights the captain of Roma, Francesco Totti, whose wall in the living room is decorated by Amar’s gift – a caricature of the famous football player.

“That was my gift for his birthday and I can proudly say that he was delighted,” Amar said.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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