BiH Armed Forces team participate in one of the most difficult Reconnaissance Competitions in the World

The 2019 International Military Competition entitled “APRC (Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge)” is an opportunity to test military skills of the team level.

The good results from the previous year were an additional motive to approach the preparations in a way to maintain the previously achieved success and possibly achieve better. For this reason, the Joint Staff of Armed Forces of BiH has selected the Military Intelligence Battalion of the Tactical Support Brigade as the unit that will complete the preparation for this competition this year.

The preparations were made in June and July 2019 in accordance with the preparation plan for participation in the competition, which included the following units: tactical march, navigation and topography, operational terms and graphic symbols, weapons and equipment, survival techniques, recognition weapons and equipment to NATO standards, reporting techniques and sketching, radio procedures, identification and removal of ammunition and explosive ordnance (MiMES), first aid, water training and mountaineering. The competition consists of solving various military tasks and drills, navigating inaccessible and swampy terrain, and avoiding OPFOR forces deployed within the movement area.

The nominated members of the Armed Forces BiH who participated in the preparations showed a high level of professionalism and dedication in their work. The preparations required exceptional psychophysical endurance and concentration. Following the preparations, in coordination with the Joint Staff of the AFBiH, seven (7) professional military personnel (PVL) were selected to represent the BiH Armed Forces team in one of the most difficult reconnaissance competitions in the world.

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