BiH among the top Ten Producers of Raspberry in the World?

April 27, 2018 4:00 PM

The motto of the seventh Conference of producers and purchasers of berries in BiH is preservation of the leader position of raspberry in BiH.

Our country is in the eighth place in the world when it comes to the production of raspberries, and it was in an even better position in previous years.

Organizer of the conference, the Union of Producers of Berries in BiH, gathers around 5000 individual producers and purchasers with the support of the Swiss Caritas.

There is a lot of space for improvement, from the improvement of incentive policies, the increase of yield per area unit, better planning process, the use of advisory support, to joint efforts on the increase of the average consumption of raspberry in the country, which is currently just 920 grams per capita on an annual basis.

Because of that, the atmosphere of this conference is quite optimistic. The main goal is to open a dialogue between key people in the production, processing and placement of berries.

We want to further strengthen, develop and preserve the leading position of raspberry in BiH because we believe that there is a reason for optimism, as noted by the organizers of the seventh Conference of producers and purchasers of berries in BiH.









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