BiH accepted as a full Member of the EUREKA Network

At the third meeting of the Working Group of Senior Officials of the EUREKA Network, held today in Vienna, Bosnia and Herzegovina was accepted as a full member of the EUREKA Network.
On that occasion, the Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ankica Gudeljević, addressed the meeting and pointed out that the ministry is fully committed to fulfilling all obligations arising from full membership in the Eureka program.
EUREKA is a European initiative for financing market-oriented projects, established in 1985 by the Hanover Declaration of 17 European countries and members of the European Community.
Since 2009, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been included in this program, in the status of NIP – National Information Point. Institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina have so far participated in 12 projects with a total amount of more than eight million euros for all institutions from our and partner countries, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH announced.

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