Biggest Investment in Financial Sector in B&H in 2013-BBI Bank Is Increasing Capital by 30 Million KM

bbi bankaBBI Bank will increase its capital in B&H by 30 million KM, which is the biggest investment in the financial sector in B&H in 2013, announced the Director of BBI Bank Amer Bukvić.

‘This is good news for all of B&H. This year, we will increase the capital of BBI Bank by an additional 60 percent, the amount our shareholders will invest. This means around 30 million KM investments in BBI Bank by our owners. Also, this is the biggest investment in the financial sector in B&H in 2013’’, said Bukvić.

He noted that 30 million KM is a new direct investment in the economy in B&H, which would contribute significantly to economic growth and the provision of soft loans in B&H. He pointed out that BBI Bank until now has invested more than 300 million KM in the B&H economy, which in the last few years has marked an increase in exports in the world.

“Our shareholders and owners have the best credit rating in the world, and above all the Islamic Bank for Development (IB). In addition, we are opening additional offices throughout the country. Until now, we have invested around 310 million KM in the B&H economy. BBI has already established itself and in the first six months of this year we recorded around a 26 percent increase in the number of users. In the past few years, we have distributed around 4 million KM in stipends’’, said the Director of BBI Bank.

He said that one of the main goals of BBI Bank is to attract foreign investors in B&H.

“We are looking at the best way to facilitate and help B&H business people. Thanks to the support of the Turkish and world banks, we have succeeded in offering loans at very reasonable prices on the B&H market, and in this way have helped strengthen the B&H economy. Also, we are trying to open new markets for B&H business people, such as Azerbaijan, Albania, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other countries, in order to start business projects abroad’’, said Bukvić.

In the end he said that the implementation of a loan of 200 million KM that was provided by the government of Turkey is going very well.

“Of the total loans, which amounted to 200 million KM, BBI Bank has already invested around 52 million KM, while by the end of the year we will invest an additional 20-30 million KM’’, said Bukvić.


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