Big Interest for B&H at the London Tourism Fair

London-Exhibition-Pavillion-at-WTMSupported by the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICA), the Herzegovinian tourist offer was extremely well received at the world most famous tourism fair World Trade Market London 2014.

Numerous Herzegovinian tourist contents as well as some so far less seen novelties was presented by the Association “Touristic Cluster Herzegovina”. The representatives of the tourist communities of the three cantons (Livno, West Herzegovina and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton) along with the Tourist organization Trebinje, Mostar Airport and the Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina (REDAH).

At the summit held on Tuesday, WTM and UNWTO gathered ministers of tourism and leading world experts in order to point out and achieve the best possible conditions for touristic promotion, industrial development and progress. At this summit, the “Tourism and great expectations: building permanent heritage” topic was especially underlined.

Tourism and mega events are closely linked in today’s globalised society. Lots of participants of such events are tourists while the events themselves have a large influence in every component of the touristic chain of values. Besides its effect on investments, infrastructural development e.g. transport and accommodation, urban development and regeneration, employment and branding, there are also numerous effects which should be linked with the organization of mega events.

On Wednesday, the corner of “Touristic Cluster Herzegovina” was visited, among many others, by the BH Ambassador to Great Britain, Mustafa Mujezinović.

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