B&H Writers Association: Annual Awards to Amir Talić and Šimo Ešić

simo-esicThe B&H Writers Association announced that it adopted a decision on the annual awards for 2012 that the Association hands out for the best books by its members.

The jury is composed of Ibrahim Kajan, Anto Zirdum and Almir Zalihić (President), which brought a decision that the annual award for 2012 in the category of works belonging to poetry, prose and essays went to the book of songs by Amir Talić “Na ručku kod Obame” (At dinner with Obama).

The jury consisting of Kristina Mrđa, Fuad Kovač and Miro Petrović (President) brought a decision for the annual award for 2013 in the category for children and youth be given to a book of songs by Šimo Ešić “Izmislionica u selu Pričevac”.

The award ceremony will be confirmed soon.


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