BH Telecom issues Important Notice about Installation of 5G Base Stations

Due to the increasing number of media inquiries, and unfounded and inaccurate allegations and comments on social networks in which the facts about the installation of 5G base stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina are falsely presented, BH Telecom informed the public that BH Telecom does not install 5G network.

The basic precondition for the commercial launch of the 5G network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the regulation of the regulatory framework and adequate permits issued by the competent institutions.

“BH Telecom does not have a 5G base unit installed on its base stations in BiH, nor does it install equipment and base stations without notice. With all the information about the development of the 5G network, BH Telecom regularly informs the public and only with facts. We remind you that BH Telecom was the first in BiH to test 5G in May 2020, in controlled conditions at the location of BH Telecom, and no additional activities were carried out on the expansion or commercialization of the 5G network. All installed antennas of BH Telecom are used for 2G / 3G / 4G network, and the infrastructure is set according to strict standards. Testing the impact of the base station by the relevant bodies is a prerequisite for the use permit and commissioning of the equipment, “said the acting Executive Director for Technology and Service Development, Adnan Huremovic.

Also, the announcement of all works of BH Telecom, with precise dates, is submitted to the competent institutions and published on the website of BH Telecom, as evidenced by the way in which the public was informed during the installation of the 4G network.

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