BH Telecom Ilidza FIS Cup to take place this Weekend on Bjelasnica Mountain

January 26, 2018 10:15 AM

The XVII International Skiing Competition “BH TELECOM ILIDZA FIS CUP 2018” will be held on Bjelasnica on January 27 and 28, 2018, in the organization of the Ski Federation of BiH and the technical organization of the Ski Club Ilidza.

Around 120 skiers from all over Europe and Asia will take part in this competition. Moreover, our Olympians will also participate at this year’s BH Telecom ILIDZA FIS CUP 2018, who will also be participants of XXIII WOI in South Korea.

BH Telecom ILIDZA FIS CUP is the best organized competition in BiH, according to the officials of the Ski Federation of BiH, participants and responsible persons from the International Ski Federation.

Participants who are taking part in the World Cup and the European Cup, Lavtar Katarina (SLO), Zrnicic Din Natko (CRO), Ana Kobal (SLO) and Bachmann Silke (ITA) participated in this competition, together with our best BH competitors Enis Becirbegovic, Mojce Rataj, Majk Johan Schafferer, Zana Novakovic, Igor Lajkert.

Thanks to the performance in this competition back in 2006, participant of the Ski club Ilidza Majk Johan Schafferer won a performance at the WOI in Turin.

We should also mention that gatherings with competitors as well as with all other officials  will be organiyed before and after the competition. The mountain rescue team will be engaged and in full alert for increased security.




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