BH Students won Gold Medals at the International Competition Genius Olympiad

Genius Olympiad BH stdents

Genius Olympiad is an international competition for high school students, which aims to find solutions for today’s natural problems.

At the Genius Olympiad 2015 held in New York, there were five categories connected with nature, writing, business, painting and music.

408 projects from 68 different countries participated, and among them was B&H as well.

B&H was presented with three projects from two categories: Anela Arifi and Ilda Ismail from the International school Tuzla and Elmir Sut and Ernad Mahmic from the International school Zenica competed in the category of sciences, and Hana Hadzic and Salko Zlatko Lagumdzija from the International school Sarajevo competed in the category music.

The students won two gold medals and one Grand Award for the best presented project.

This year’s Genius Olympiad 2015 gathered more than 740 students from the entire world, and was a unique opportunity for competitors to present their cultures and gain new friends.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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