BH Plums requested on the Market of the EU and Russia

A presentation on the topic “BH plum-European quality – European brand” was held on the second day of the 45th International Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry in Gradacac. It was organized by the Marketing association “BiH plums”.

As noted, BH plum is one of the most well-known brands and it is required on the market of the European Union and Russia, as announced from the Service for Information of the Fair of Plum.

In order to get on the market with a quality product, several exporters and business entities decided to join the Marketing association “BiH Plums”. The initiative was launched back in the month of December 2016, and the Agency was established in November of next year and it was registered within the cantonal Chamber of Commerce of Canton Tuzla.

The project of establishing the identity of BH plums was launched soon, and the campaign of brand registration was launched within it, in accordance with European standards. BH plum is expected to become a verified European brand.

Vice President of the Association, Ibrahim Latifovic, owner of “PZ Late”, noted that he said that the association of producers, processors and exporters of BiH was needed several years ago, in order to protect themselves in the market and to respect the orders and wishes of their customers.

“Now we can see that this is really possible. We have great producers of plum who know how to produce a quality product. This year was not really the best one for us. We need to have bigger plantations and a more quality product, recognizable packaging and labels, which will enable secure market placement for us,” said Latifovic.

The marketing association “BiH Plums” currently includes a total of seven companies,  and it is expected for this number to increase in the upcoming period.






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