B&H Plays reached Macedonian Audience

messInternational Theatre Festival MESS and the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia participated in the publication of the book “Sedan drama iz B&H” (Seven playes from B&H), by authors of drama writers from B&H.

For the selection and implementation of the book participated the director Dino Mustafić and Muhamed Dželilović while the editor and the translator of the book is Liljana Mazova, the theater critic and the winner of the prize Festival MESS for theater criticism Marko Kovačević“.

The book, which is the first one with such a concept in the Macedonian language, Macedonian audience will be able to read the plays, written by Almir Išmirević “Kad bi ovo bila predstava/Kad bi ovo bio film” ( If this was a play/If this was a book), Almir Bašović “Priviđenje iz srebrnog vijeka” (Foreseeing from the silver age), Abdulah Sidran “U Zvorniku ja sam ostavio svoje srce” (In Zvornik I left my heart), Zlatko Topčić” Srećna Nova 1994” (Happy New Year 1994 ), Ljubica Ostojić “Nevjesta od kiše” (Bride of the rain), Radmila Smiljanić Balon od kamena” (Balloon of stone) and Mirza Fehimović “Ćeif” ( Pleasure).

Liljana Mazova in her essay at the beginning of the book concludes that the selected authors through their plays speak exclusively about the man, in circumstances where hints, when he fears for his life and life of his beloved people, and when you live with scars of the greatest enemy the war.

In his essay Dželilović notes that the presented plays are examples of a new, fresh and intriguing drama, both on thematic and conceptual plan, as well as in the plan of a very interesting dramatic structure and that precisely on the issue of relation event / history …” and that our writers direct our view on the dangers of what so suddenly, uncritically and inappropriately we enter …”.

The book 7 plays from B&H” in September will be presented at two international festivals in Macedonia – on 10th September at the International Theater Festival Risto Šiškovin Strumica, and on 20th September at the International Festival “Mlad Otvoreni Teatarin Skopje, was announced from the Festival MESS.

(Source: Fena)

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