BH Pharmaceutical Company earned a record Amount in Foreign Markets?

March 12, 2018 9:30 AM

BH pharmaceutical industry is recording great business results, and the largest domestic producer Bosnalijek achieved sales revenue in the amount of 153 million BAM in the year of 2017, which is by 17 million BAM or 13 % more in comparison with previous years.

“We are happy for these data, which are coming as a confirmation of our hard and devoted work. We are very motivated to continue in the same manner, i.e. to follow the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry and fulfil the needs of our patients. We are continuously investing in the expansion of our portfolio and certification of the quality of our products, with the aim for Bosnalijek and its products to be affirmed in the world market of medicines,” said the President of the Management Board of Bosnalijek, Nedim Uzunovic.

Bosnalijek successfully completed important projects that they started in the previous period, and above all, the project of the construction of a new facility for quality control, in which optimal conditions and top-quality laboratory equipment are in accordance with the latest technological achievements in the pharmaceutical industry.

To recall, Bosnalijek took a share in the domestic company Pharmamed Ltd. in the second half of the last year, which represents a great incentive for the further development of BH pharmaceutical industry.



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