B&H Patients on the Waiting List for Organ Transplants in Croatia

transplatacija_organiThe Minister of Health of Croatia Rajko Ostojić and Minister of Health of FB&H Rusmir Mesihović signed today a protocol on cooperation in the field of acquisition and transplantation of human organs for medical purposes, two years after signing the Memorandum on cooperation between the FB&H and Croatia in the health sector.

The Protocol foresees the exchange of organs on the principles of solidarity and reciprocity. This includes that candidates from FB&H have priority for heart and liver transplantation and children for kidney transplantation, incorporated in the Croatian list for transplantation with the prior approval of both relevant ministries.

Minster Rusmir Mesihović called this agreement an important step forward in the systematic solving of the problem of transplantation medicine treatment.

The Protocol is valid for a period of 2 years, effective from the day of signing and is based on the Memorandum of cooperation that was signed by the two Ministers in December 2011 and represents a continuation of a very successful bilateral cooperation of two ministries.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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