B&H Parliamentary Assembly Will Take Part in International Conference in Belgrade Tomorrow

ismeta-dervozRecognizing the importance of the Convention of the Council of Europe on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in the wider European context and considering the possibilities for its speedy ratification and full implementation in countries in the region is the goal of the international conference that will take place in Belgrade tomorrow.

It is expected that the participants will exchange opinions on the activities undertaken on the ratification of the Convention and when its ratification is expected in countries that have not done this so far, whether there is an implementation plan, and whether women’s and nonprofit organizations will be included in this process.

Also, they will speak of the priorities in the implementation and compliance of the Convention with laws and policies in countries from the position of civil society, as well as experts from women’s organizations.

Member of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly Ismeta Dervoz will represent B&H at the international conference, as a member of the permanent parliamentary delegation of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Deputy Chairperson of the Commission for Gender Affairs of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly, announced the Public Affairs Office of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly.

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