B&H Olympic Committee: We Have to Restore Dignity of the Olympic Glow to Sarajevo

OLYMPICOn occasion of the three decades since the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984, at a press conference at the Art Gallery in B&H the project of the Olympic Committee of B&H ‘Olympic Family-Celebration Olympism’ as presented.

The project was launched to mark the 30 years since the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, escorting the B&H national team to the Olympic Games in Sochi and marking the start of preparations for the Winter European Youth Festival 2017 (EYOWF), with B&H as the host (Sarajevo and East Sarajevo).

To this end, the B&H Olympic Committee, in cooperation with marketing agencies, organized a series of events in order to return the ‘Olympic light to Sarajevo’.

Strajo Krsmanović, Director of the National Gallery B&H, said that the Gallery has a responsibility to promote Sarajevo as an Olympic City.

‘’Sarajevo is an Olympic City and we have to restore its dignity. The gallery is a participant in this important project of ‘Olympism’ that we strongly support. Thus, on 7 February we will hold an exhibition of posters on occasion of the 30 years of ZOI 84. Unfortunately, Sarajevo bears the scars of the 20th century, but we want to send a message to the world that Sarajevo is entering the 21st century with a new idea of Sarajevo, and EYOWF 2017 is an excellent opportunity’’, he said.

B&H Olympic Committee, in partnership with marketing agencies CIP7 and Visia, is implementing the four-year project ‘Olympic Family-Celebrating Olympism’.

(Source: klix.ba)

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