BH Mountaineer conquered the highest Peaks of Rocky Mountains!

senad rizvanovicSenad Rizvanovic, mountaineer from B&H living n the USA, this weekend finally conquered all highest peaks of Rocky Mountains and Colorado.

Rizvanovic said that before all, you have to fall in love with mountains, what he did. And this is the first step.

“After the first peaks with Ramiz Bisic and Zijo Kurtovic, my love story with Rocky Mountains started, and few years later and several hundreds of climbs, out of which the most is related to peaks of more than 4000 meters. That love story still lasts. Although, at the beginning my goal was not to reach these peaks, it was more like a sport and recreation, but things got serious meanwhile…

“Mountains always attracted and lured people to them, and everyone has its own reason why he is coming back to them. To all of us in this sport, motivation and inspiration are mutual and key basis, all other is individual commitment“.

After that he explained that Rocky Mountains are mountain range in the western part of the North America, which is 4800 kilometers long, from Canada to New Mexico in the USA.

“In a wide range of these mountains there is a group of 58 peaks in Colorado, more famous as fortiners which are the most famous and popular and are on the wish list of numerous mountaineers, alpinists and lovers of mountains and nature. When talking about fortiners, they are peaks above 14 feets (1ft=30.5 cm).

So, it is about mountains whose height exceeds 4267 meters. Thus Mt. Elbert (4401 m) is the highest mountain, while Sunshine peak (4269 m) is the lowest in that group. Colorado Mountain Club very precisely keeps records since 1991 about mountaineers who completed the climb to these peaks, so there is an interesting data that this number exceeds 2000 people“, explained Rizvanovic.


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