BH Minister of Foreign Affairs met with Mike Pompeo in Washington

Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak met with Secretary of State of the USA, Michael Pompeo, during the Ministerial meeting on promotion of religious freedoms in State Department in Washington.

During their conversation, Minister Crnadak noted that the United States are an important partner for BiH and that Washington’s support to the Dayton Agreement and the organization of BiH on the basis of two entities and three constituent peoples has a great significance for the long-term stability and development of our country.

Minister Crnadak and the Secretary of State Pompeo exchanged their opinions on the situation in South East Europe, and Minister Crnadak informed Pompeo that he will attend the ceremony of marking the hundredth anniversary of the proclamation of the US President Woodrow Wilson in which he paid tribute to Serb victims in the World War I. He will attend this event as a representative of Serb people in the Council of Ministers of BiH,” as announced from the MFA BiH.

The Secretary of State Pompeo thanked Minister Crnadak for the attendance at yesterday’s meeting and informed him that the Ministerial meeting on the topic of religious freedoms will be held again next year.

This was the first meeting of Minister Crnadak with the Secretary of State Pompeo since he took the office in May this year,” as noted in the announcement.

(Source: N1)




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