B&H Minister of Finance Received Today Inzko and Waser

-Deputy Chairman of the B&H Council of Ministers and Minister of Finance and Treasury Nikola Špirić received today the High Representative to B&H Valentin Inzko and the newly-named Deputy High Representative and Supervisor of Brčko District Tamir Waser, for the first official visit after taking office.

High Representative Inzko presented to Minister Špirić his Deputy Tamir Waser an stressed that he is an experienced American diplomat who is familiar with the situation in B&H.

Minister Špirić wished Waser success in his new position, and stressed that B&H could achieve positive results only through dialogue among local political actors, as well as working to improve the economy.

‘’The Ministry of Finance and Treasury is working on a draft budget for 2014 and we expect it to be adopted on time. It will soon be followed by the fifth review of the Stand-by Arrangement that B&H has with the International Monetary Fund, and economic indicators are better than the estimates that we had and this is the direction that we should go’’, said Minister Špirić.

He added that new optimism is needed in B&H that would strengthen the achivement of an agreement on the implementation of ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’.

At the meeting they spoke of the possible modalities of the allocation of VAT revenue and the position of Brčko District in this system, given that the Deputy High Representative Waser is the supervisor of Brčko, and Minister Špirić is Chair of the Governing Board of the Indirect Taxation Authority.

They exchanged opinions on the current political situation in B&H, with the assessment that it is necessary to exert efforts to find a compromise and remove obstacles in B&H’s path to the EU, announced the B&H Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

(Source: Avaz)

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