B&H Minister of Finance and Treasury Spoke With Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of USA

reekerThe B&H Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Finance and Treasury Nikola Špirić received today the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Philip Reeker.

During the discussion on the current political and economic situation in B&H, they said that there is a delay in implementing the ‘’ Sejdić-Finci’’ ruling and the issue of resolving military and state property is major obstacles to the further progress of B&H.

The joint assessment is to find solutions for these open issues by the end of September, which produced much-needed optimism for the implementation of reforms in other areas in order to accelerate B&H’s path to the EU.

Minister Špirić and Philip Reeker expressed hope that by the next meeting in Brussels, scheduled for 1 October, delays would be eliminated relating to the implementation of ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’, as well as issues of state and military property so that everyone could focus more on economic issues.

It was emphasized that it is necessary to create conditions for attracting foreign investors and take all measures that would bring economic growth in B&H.

It was agreed at the meeting that there would be a continuation of economic reforms between representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of B&H and the US Embassy in B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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