BH Futures Foundation made Strategic partnership with Google Lunar X Prize finalist

BH futures foundationStrategic partnership formed with Google Lunar X Prize finalist to support education and professional development of students studying engineering, science, mathematics or related field in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BH Futures Foundation, a non-for-profit organization aiming to transform the lives of talented youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through the power of technology, education and leadership and SYNERGY MOON, a collaboration of individuals representing over 15 countries in the pioneering of human space travel and interplanetary exploration as part of the Google Lunar X Prize competition are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership. The announcement comes on the back of the recent media coverage announcing that Synergy Moon was one of the 5 finalist in the competition which commenced in 2007. The objective of the partnership is to support gifted students from BiH in the fields of engineering and related studies by encouraging them to participate in global space-exploration programs that will break down ethnic barriers in and bring beneficial change for humanity.

“We are more than pleased to form a strategic partnership with SYNERGY MOON. By combining BH Futures Foundations’ ability to recognise raw engineering and science talent from BiH and simultaneously providing scholarship winners access to major space exploration programs, mentorships and global development projects through alliance with SYNERGY MOON, we can define exciting new opportunities for engineering transformation in BiH. Our foundation is connecting with like minded individuals and organisations around the world with a vision of creating new opportunities for the youth of Bosnia & Herzegovina.” said Edhem (Eddie) Custovic, Founder of BH Futures Foundation and Engineering Academic at La Trobe University, Australia.

Nebojsa Stanojevic, Team Leader, SYNERGY MOON commented “As we enter a new era of interplanetary explorations, organizations must cooperate to solve complex concepts for the development of the human family. We at SYNERGY MOON believe that there is no better way to support this process than to motivate and draw energy from talented youth, this is why we are working with BH Futures Foundation, a non-for-profit organization that will give us contact to the most innovative young minds in BiH. This new collaboration represents the belief, that in order for the space enterprise community to maintain its edge in the global space market, our future workforce is [must] consist of engineers, scientists and mathematicians who think like artists, as highlighted by California Space Authority Board Member, Celeste Volz Ford.”

BH Futures Foundation and SYNERGY MOON will be working together to ensure that the youth of BiH are given world-class opportunities to develop their analytical, technical and professional skills, making them internationally employable. This opportunity is driven by the passion and dedication of E. Custovic and N. Stanojevic, who were both born and raised in Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina, see this partnership as an opportunity to change the lives of young people in BiH.

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