BH Firm annually exports Millions of Parts for Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen

“Prevent Fad” has an annual capacity of 4 million brake disks. Most of exports are placed on the EU market for direct installation in vehicles of the Volkswagen (VW) Group, such as Audi, Skoda, VW and others.

“There is an interest in expanding the portfolio of products from a group of brake disks, as well as entry into the aftermarket with the offer of a full finished brake disk product made in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH),” said Amira Cengic, Director of “Prevent Fad dd Jelah” for Fena.

The company, which successfully operates within the Prevent Group, in the following period has been planning business growth and new employments, as well as introducing new products into its portfolio, and all that with a cooperation with “Forge Ilijas”, which will be the supporter of Fad’s further business.

“Through the cooperation with the “Forge Ilijas” we want to strengthen the synergy process of the Prevent Group and increase the competitiveness in the market. In the following period, we plan to cover 50% of the Fad needs for gray liv from the Forge. Joint cooperation will bring a better market position to both companies, because the Metal Prevent BH division, through this synergy can offer the finished product to the buyer for the first time, although we have been on the market exclusively with the offer of mechanical processing with raw materials imported from other countries so far,“ Cengic emphasized.

According to her, in “Prevent Fad” they can process all the rotating symmetrical parts, and in 2017 they started introducing new products into the portfolio.

“In the following period, additional business expansion is planned, which will result in new employment. Growth of 15%  is planned for the first quarter of 2018, “ says Cengic.



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