B&H Economy is Improving

bh. privredaThe economy of B&H in the third quarter of 2013 showed serious signs of improvements, according to the analysis of the Austrian Kontrolbank. According to their data, the improvement of the economy is related to significant improvements of the business climate in B&H.

Wolfgang Lughamer, the research manager of the bank, who, at the same time represents the central bank for providing information on the operations of Austrian companies, about employment in Austria and abroad, points out that in the next six months with optimism, there are expected better business opportunities in B&H from foreign investors. These trends indicate that we can expect a moderately positive growth of the economy in the second half of 2013. According to these trends, B&H in terms of business climate can be positioned in the middle of the table, which includes Central European countries“, said Lughamer.

As he pointed out, B&H among 12 central European countries now lies in the seventh place. According to the list of Kontrolbank, before us are Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Slovakia, while behind us are the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and Slovenia.

The worst business climate in the last five years in Bosnia and Herzegovina was during the year 2009, when the recovery began and culminated in 2011, after which again followed a smaller decline.

Lughamer explained that indexes of business climate the bank collects directly from investors who have experience in the countries of the region. The index of business climate is a unique instrument that provides verifiable information from the perspective of people who invests in a specific country”, he said.


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