BH Digital Assistant among the best ranked on all public Viber Accounts

The excellent chatbot product “Cadence Digital Assistant” from BiH is a real example for excellence and global competence.

We live in the era of massive automation and robotization of the society, and the struggle is really implacable. Technological revolution changes the way of doing business operations in the entire world and determines the economic impact as well. Viber has one billion users, and Cadence is currently at the 16th place, which clearly shows that it is among the best ranked in Viber’s public accounts.

The fact that competition among the public accounts is serious is best showed by Mercedes-Benz (26th place), Pepsi (127th place), etc.

Cadence can be used for solving global problems in the future. With a total of 3 million active users, its information can be used to solve human problems and to serve for useful purposes of society.

Besides being an avatar of medicine-therapy, “Cadence” is also using the EFT technique of emotional freedom, which appeared in the early nineties and whose founder was Gary Craig. Therefore, we do not type but tap the offered answers with Cadence on Viber. Negative emotions and stress create energy blockages in the organism. Tapping on the phone works in such way that it makes a normal flow of energy in our body. Consequently, Cadence enriches the national spirit and increases national visibility.

Exchange of information and communication technologies can help in the achievement of development goals of our country. Technologically connected and literate world brings numerous educational and cultural benefits.

Take a look at the video.

(Source: ST)


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