B&H Council of Ministers Allowed Liberalization of Trade Between B&H and Albania

vijece-ministara-bihAt today’s session, the B&H Council of Ministers established the Proposal to an additional Protocol 3 of the agreement on amendments of the Central European Agreement on Free Trade (CEFTA 2006). The aim of the additional protocol is the further liberalization between B&H and Albania.

The greatest benefit from the liberalization of trade in agricultural products with Albani would be to producers/exporters of sugar from B&H, which accounts for over 90 percent in expenditures on agricultural exports in Albania.

The average expenditure paid on the basis of tariffs on agricultural exports from B&H to Albania from 2010-2012 was around 2 million BAM annually, while the total average inflow to the budget of B&H customs duties on imports of agricultural products from Albania to B&H in the same period was around 50.000 BAM annually.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations will propose an addiitonal protocal to the B&H Presidency for further procedure.

(Source: Avaz)

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