BH Construction Sector recording an Increase

In the last quarter of the previous year was issued 11.4 % more construction permits in comparison to their average number in 2016, and 13.4 % more when compared to the same quarter in 2016, according to the data of the Agency for Statistics of BiH. This indicates higher construction activity in this year.

Secretary for the Sector of the Construction in the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH, Dzenana Hodzic, stated that operation of BH construction sector is recording an increase, according to official statistics and information from the field.

“Considering the time conditionality for construction works, we can say that this winter was mostly mild and it contributed to continuity of works in the sector of construction. After the period of stagnation, the construction recorded a slight but continuous growth during the last three years, and that trend was continued. Most of this is related to residential construction and it mostly represents a result of private investments of local construction companies,” noted Hodzic.

Domestic construction companies also expect new tenders for the construction of highways and roads. Continuation of the construction of highway in Hercegovina on the part Klopce – Zenica is expected as well. Activities on HPP Vranduk will be started. Funds in the amount of 750 million BAM were announced for the construction of Corridor 5C, i.e.  500 million BAM for FBiH and 250 million BAM for the RS.

Domestic construction companies expect from these funds to be operative this year and to start significant increase of civil engineering construction activities, according to Hodzic.

“Domestic construction workers have capacities and they believe that the ambience and events in pre-election year will not make a blockage of investments, which would be fatal for business operation of the construction sector. We believe that these positive opportunities will be adequately used and that they will improve total business ambience in our country”, said Hodzic.


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