BH Company to invest 5 million BAM and increase the Number of Workers

The well-known company for processing of plastic, “Variplast” from Gracanica, will put a new processing plant into operation on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its successful business operation. They will invest about 5 million BAM in the new plant.

Thus, the amount of production will be increased and new workers will be hired.

Moreover, Gracanica is well-known in BiH and the entire region by plastic processing. “Variplast” is considered as one of the leaders in this sector, and family Hasic from Malesici started dealing with plastic processing back in the 80’s.

With the construction of a new plant, this company produces plastic masses for the food industry, as well as construction, textile, and chemical industries and they export their products to Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Serbia and Croatia.

“We will install the latest equipment and machines for recycling of plastic in the new plant. We will invest 5 million BAM in the construction of production plants and machines of “Variplast”. Additional ten workers will be hired and thus we will exceed the figure of 100 workers,” said the owner and director Mujo Hasic.

The new plant will occupy 3,000 square meters of work space.



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