BH Company Sinkro expanded its Business Operation on the Market of Spain

March 20, 2018 8:45 AM

BH company Sinkro is engaged in the sale of raw materials and fabric for the production of furniture, and they also opened new capacities and production facilities in Tutin this year. Moreover,  they started the production in the new factory in the settlement of Vlakovo near Ilidza as well. They also expanded their operation to the market of Spain, and completed their offer on the local market.

“We made a very large step regarding the number of employees and the stabilization of the production. We managed to do all of that on the basis of last year’s results. When it comes to the world market, we managed to realize good cooperation with some of the most important chains of furniture stores in the world, including Steinhoff group, Otto, etc,” said Ismir Music, marketing manager in Sinkro company.

At the moment, this company is covering markets in the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and they opened the Spanish market this year as well.

Their aim is to employ around 200 people through their public calls, and they will work in the production plants in Vlakovo and Hrasnica.

They stated that the company and their business operation are going through constant expansion, and it is very important for them to meet all the requirements of foreign and local markets right away, as well as to have professional staff at their disposal.

Company Sinkro also cooperates with certain vocation high schools, where they teach young people through training. They expect from the young people to start working for them after finishing high school and to even find a new designer of furniture to train him.





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