BH Company Prevent Fabrics to produce for Samsonite?

March 7, 2018 3:30 PM

The company Prevent Fabrics from Visoko largely expanded its production portfolio in the recent period and managed to achieve new markets and customers.

“By using the knowledge and technology of Prevent Group and industries within which this company operates, we managed to establish new lines in production, and now we are producing textiles for some of the leading companies in the automotive industry, besides the needs of the Group itself,” said Aida Ganic, the director of this company.

Prevent Fabrics Visoko is producing textile for the automotive and furniture industry as well as home textiles, and this year they were included on the list of “Fast growing companies in BiH and the region”. Moreover, Prevent Fabrics also managed to achieve the increase of the turnover, exports and the number of employees.

Besides these industries, Prevent Fabrics entered the completely new projects of textile production for children’s car seats, luggage and outdoor textiles. They especially emphasized the beginning of the production of materials for luggage by the famous brand Samsonite.

Prevent Fabrics Visoko is a member of the Prevent Group, and it is dong business since the year of 2013. This company employs around 200 employees and they have an annual capacity of 10 million meters of textiles.

Moreover, the Prevent Group produces furniture, leather and clothing and employs around 2,000 employees. The number of employees was increased by around 100 new employees in the past period thanks to continuous investments and training programs, and new employment is planned in accordance with the expansion of their business.







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