BH Company Inox Ajanovic produces Parts for Roman Abramovich’s Yachts

Company Inox Ajanovic from Tesanj will mark 18 years of its existence with new investments, new employment and new markets.

After entering the European market, they showed a great level of quality in processing products made from stainless steel, which stimulated them to further expand their production.

They signed their first contracts with Austrians, and now, besides the EU countries, they also export to the market of the US and Indonesia.

Currently, there are about 100 workers in this company, and 95 % of their production is directly exported.

Recently, their most well-known products are parts of yachts whose value is between 300 million EUR and one billion EUR. The last three yachts of Roman Abramovich, one of the richest people in the world, contain a part (fence) made precisely in this company.

“We have a company in Austria for which we produce parts for yachts since the beginning of our company. Besides them, we worked at three great yachts for Roman Abramovich, and the last of them was a total of 130 meters long. The first yacht that Abramovich sold came back to us for recycling,” said Ajanovic, and added that the assembly of all yachts is done in the UK.

Besides the profit of such a successful company, one of their goals, according to Ajanovic, is to stop the departure of young people.



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