BH Company FIS invested 20 million BAM and became the Leader in the Production of Furniture

March 3, 2018 8:00 AM

BH company FIS completed a five-year long investment plan, whose value amounted to 20 million BAM, last year and they employed a considerable number of workers, with which it became a leader in the sector of furniture production.

This was mentioned in a notice published by the company in a daily press. It was also stated that great results were achieved last year.

It is also stated that the owners of the company withdrew several years ago and they transferred the managerial function to professional management.

“They implemented a complete process of business reorganization, within which they completely separated ownership from the management, which proved to be very successful for the business operation in practice. The management of the company follows the fundamental principles that were determined by the owners of the company, with which they respect the highest standards of business operation, as added in the notice.

The management of the company is also planning to strengthen the retail network this year, as well as further modernization of production and new employments.

The company FIS wants to give a new momentum to the economic development of the region with the aforementioned plans, as well as the entire country as a whole.







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