BH Company awarded Employees with Thirteenth Salary for Excellent Results

banja vrućicaHealth Tourism Center “Banja Vrucica” from Teslic achieved a record number of overnight stays – a total of 217,000 this year, which is the reason why management decided to reward employees with thirteenth salary.

Director Aleksandar Radosevic said that “Banja Vrucica” expects around 218,000 overnight stays by the end of this year, which is about 13,000 more compared to last year and the best result in the past 25 years.

Radosevic said that the management decided not to invest a portion of profits in new projects, but that their employees are the most deserving for these results and rewarded them with thirteenth salary.

“Salaries will be paid to everyone linearly, in order to promote workers who have lower incomes than the average, so that they will get thirteen salary in the value of one and a half salary,” said Radosevic.

He stated that “Banja Vrucica” employs 320 workers who will receive around 660 BAM on average.

Besides the thirteenth salary, leadership valued good work during the year and gave cash prizes in the amount of 1,000 BAM to three best workers, and another three with 500 BAM.

Yesterday was organized a reception for retired employees as well, who received 100 BAM as a sign of gratitude for their contribution to “Banja Vrucica”.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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