BH Company achieved a new Record!

Business giant from Herzegovina, company Violeta, continued growing in a full swing, and this company achieved record revenues and profits, and number of their workers was increased as well.

Violeta, one of the most successful companies in BiH, achieved revenues of about 226 million BAM last year, which represents an increase of about 4 million in comparison to the year before.

Earnings, or net profits, were increased to 30.5 million BAM last year, which is by around 3.5 million BAM more than a year before.

Number of their workers reached a record figure of 616.

These numbers confirm the statement of the owner of this company, Petar Corluka, who noted that the past year was very successful for their company.

To recall, Violeta continued with the expansion of their production, and they recently entered the market of Qatar.

Violeta achieved great cooperation with Spar from Austria as well.



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