BH Companies presented their Offer to German Clients

More than 500 meetings were held in Frankfurt between German clients and potential suppliers from the Western Balkans, among which were about 50 companies from BiH out of about 160 that were invited to these meetings.

It is the fourth conference “Germany Initiative for Finding Suppliers in the Western Balkan Countries”, which is drawing increasing interest of businessmen from these areas every year because of the great experience in cooperation with companies from one of the strongest countries in the world.

Certain estimates show that the value of jobs contracted at these meetings amounted to 2.8 million EUR last year.

Sanjin Purgic, project manager on behalf of the German Foreign Trade Chamber in BiH (AHK), stated that German clients are positively surprised by BH companies.

“They did not hope for such a great number of successful companies with quality products and all the necessary certificates, and which respect delivery time. In fact, those are companies that have turned to the Western European market and they have high standards,” he said.

The value of the trade exchange between BiH and Germany amounted to 3.36 billion BAM last year, and thus this country is considered as one of our largest partners in foreign trade business operations.


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