BH Companies manufacture Parts for Cruisers, Yachts, Planes …

Parts for almost all means of transportation are produced in BiH, including cruisers, luxury yachts and even airplanes.

The company VS-Trend from Bihac manufactures ventilation systems and interiors for some of the largest cruisers in the world. Among others, they have a contract with the largest cruise operator in the world, the US company “Carnival”.

This company has a contract with Carnival valid until 2027 and about 60 people from Bihac are working in the US at the moment. They should complete 8 ships this year.

The last three yachts of Roman Abramovich, one of the most famous people in the world, contain a piece produced in BiH, or more precisely in Tesanj. This product is a fence made in the company Inox Ajanovic.

Products from this factory can be found on yachts that are worth from 300 million to billion EUR.

Seats for the world’s leading airlines are also produced in BiH. The company Greiner Aerospace started successfully operating in BiH last year. Namely, the company purchased the aircraft company Cartrim last year, and thus the factory in Zepce became their possession as well.

The company Greiner Aerospace, which is based in Austria, manufactures pillows and upholstery for airplanes and it is one of the global leaders in that sector. Some of their clients are British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, US Airways etc.

Moreover, the company B-Spring recently built a factory in Livno. This company belongs to the Mecaspring Group from Belgium. It is the leading manufacturer of springs in the Benelux countries. The main focus of this company is the production of springs and tools for all types of industries, especially for the auto-motive and airline industry.









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