BH Citizens in Iceland registered for General Elections in BiH

Somewhat more than 300 citizens of BiH live and work in Iceland, and the Ambassador of BiH to Iceland based in Oslo, Nedim Makarevic, assisted on the meeting with them in Reykjavik when they registered for the general elections in BiH, i.e. filled the PRP form.

“Our citizens are an example of good and successful integration on Iceland, just like in other countries. I believe that we made a special mark on the sport, where our football players made a great positive influence on the football of Iceland, both as players and as coaches. The President of Iceland, Gudni Th. Johannessonm told me that himself,” noted Ambassador Makarevic.

One of these athletes is Hajrudin Cardaklija, former goalkeeper of FC Sarajevo who came to this distant country before the aggression in BiH, and he and the ambassador Makarevic hosted a group of BH citizens in Reykjavik.

“It is important for our citizens, even if they are in smaller numbers and live in inaccessible places in the world, have no feeling that they are alone and forgotten. Our immigrants, whether those who left our country during the war or the new ones that recently left BiH, should be involved in political processes in our country and realize our democratic right by voting,” stated Makarevic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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