BH Cheeses won Gold Medal at the Balkan Festival of Cheese

Cheeses from BiH were awarded at the festival that took place in Belgrade on February 16 and 17. Eco cheese “Pudja” Livno won a gold medal, while the silver medal went to another BH cheese “Zlatna kaplja” from Tesanj.

Several other companies from BiH participated at this festival as well, including Mons Produkt from Teslic, Promilk from Prozor, Mandiko from Banja Luka, and dairy Kupres Milch.

This is the seventh time for the Balkan Cheese Festival to take place, and the participation of BH cheeses was noticed from the very beginning, when they received their first awards.

The fact that the export of BH cheeses to Serbia was significantly increased since the Festival back in 2014, says enough about that.

The exports amounted to just 40,000 BAM in the year of 2013, and according to data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH and analyses of USAID / Sweden FARMA II project, Serbia is now the third largest export market for cheeses from BiH. Moreover, we should mention that the exports in the year of 2017 exceeded 1 million BAM.

In the year 2017 was recorded an increase of the total exports of cheeses by 33% in comparison to the previous year, to 6.8 million BAM.

In the first place is Croatia with 38 %, then Montenegro with 28 %, Serbia with 15 % and Macedonia with 10 %, as stated from USAID / Sweden FARMA II project.










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