B&H Census Has Started

popis-3The B&H Population and Housing Census began this morning at 9:00 and will last until 15 October. Representatives of entity statistics agencies and the B&H Agency of Statistics confirmed at  yesterday’s press conference that all the material has been distributed and that enumerators and controllers are ready to go to the field and begin the census.

The census will take place every day from 9:00 to 21:00, and the enumerators will take into account that people who work would be home in the afternoon hours. There are around 19.000 enumerators and around 6.000 controllers and reserve enumerators. All enumerators will sign agreements as well as statements regarding the confidentiality of information.

The entire process, as required by law, will cost at least 46 million KM, of which 7,5 million Euros is a grant from the European Commission. Enumerators will receive 2,2 KM per questionnaire for the city areas and 2,5 M for rural areas. The first results of the census are expected 90 days after the end of the census.

Statistics agencies once again called on citizens to take part in the census and to cooperate so that the process goes smoothly.

(Source: Dneveni Avaz)

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