B&H Cadets Better than Greek Cadets

rukomet-lopteMen cadet handball representation of B&H (U18) in the first of two friendly matches in Verija won against hosting team of Greece with a result 25:22. The second match will be played today, at 14:00.

B&H cadets on 4th and 5th January will play another two control matches with cadets of Austria, within the preparation for performance at the qualifications for European championship 2014 in Poland.

The qualifications tournament will be played from 10-12 January in the Danish Skarbek and besides Danish and B&H selection, in the third group will play teams of France and Bulgaria.

B&H cadets will play against Bulgaria on 10 January, on 11 January against France and on 12 January against Denmark.

The best two teams will compete for direct participation at the European Championship 2014.

(Source: Fena)

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