BH Brand Zizza wins Europe after starting Its own Manufacturing

Three years after the establishment, Zizza Shoes, a recognizable BH brand of handmade shoes, bags and wallets, records excellent results.

Zerina Gegic, the owner of the company, stated that they are more than satisfied with achieved results, and she  noted launching of their own manufacturing at the beginning of this year and opening of the first showroom in Tuzla as their most important results.

Moreover, they participated at several Nivea BH Fashion Weeks as well as on creative festivals and exhibitions within Sarajevo Business Forum.

Thanks to sales and promotions over social networks, Zizza shoes travelled to customers all over the Europe. Such interest on foreign markets led to construction of a web shop, which is aimed at making their selling process easier.

Gegic still personally creates every model and attends each step of manufacturing. She said that she finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her: nature, history, travel, art, architecture, and different life stories and people.

She is planning to additionally expand manufacturing with necessary tools and material in the upcoming period. Also, they are planning to educate young people in order to offer them a workplace later.

(Source: akta.ba)

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