B&H Athletes with Retro Equipments from Olympic Games in Sarajevo at Olympic Games in Sochi

olimpijada_opremaB&H Athletes at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (Russia) will have retro equipments from the Olympic Games 1984 in Sarajevo.

They will have on the suits signs of the Olympic Committee of B&H but also the logo “snowflakes” from the Winter Olympic Games “Sarajevo 1984”. The will have three stars on the sleeves of their suits. Three stars represent 30 years from the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, B&H. On the back side of the costumes will be written “Olympic team of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

“We have used the original design of the sports equipments from the Olympic games 1984 in Sarajevo and the Sarajevo designer and artist Samir Plasto has done the redesign”, said Bojan Zec from the PR marketing agency CIP7, responsible for the coordination and implementation of a four year marketing approach OKB&H, tilted “Olympic Family- Celebrating Olympics”.

The official promotion of equipments and athletes from B&H that will participate at the Olympics in Sochi will be held at the Olympic Mountains Jahorina and Bjelašnica on 31 January and 1 February at the manifestation of marking the 30th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Sarajevo.


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