B&H and Italy: Cooperation in Fields of Energy, Infrastructure and Metallurgy to be established soon?

BH ItalyChairman of the B&H Presidency, Mladen Ivanic and the member of the B&H Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, hosted yesterday the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni. At the meeting it was stated that the relations of B&H and Italy are good neighborly, developed, very friendly, and there is a mutual wish, but also opened possibilities for the further development of the total bilateral relations by intensifying visits at the highest level.

Readiness and an interest for the improvement of already good bilateral cooperation in the following period was emphasized. Optimism regarding the continuity of a positive relations between B&H and Italy at the strategic and political field was expressed, such as the fight again terrorism and migrations. Talking about the improvement of relations in the field of a common interest, it was emphasized that the prospective field for the cooperation are energy, infrastructure and metallurgy.

It was stated jointly that it is needed to use all possibilities for the improvement of the economic cooperation which is balanced when it comes to the foreign trade exchange, and the satisfaction with the fact that Italy is at the top of foreign trade partners of B&H was expressed.

Members of the B&H Presidency emphasized the commitment of the government to the creation of a positive political ambient in B&H and the commitment to the creation of the program of economic reforms, which is one of preconditions for submitting a credible application and approval of the country candidate for the EU membership.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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