B&H Airlines Looking for Strategic Partner

avion2National airline companies from the region are going through a difficult period. After jat, the sale of 49 percent of Croatia Airlines followed, announced TV1.

A part of the company B&H Airlines was sold to Turkish Airlines, but that partnership did not last long and now B&H Airlines is looking for a new strategic partner.

The FBiH Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Communications met on Thursday with a delegation of the UAE to discuss possible recapitalization of the national airlines.

‘’We spoke with several partners, and representatives from the UAE visited us, and since we know that they have two large airlines companies we offered them to be our strategic partner, and we also spoke about introducing flights between Sarajevo-Dubai or Abu Dhabi’’, said Enver Bijedić, Minister of Transport and Communications of FBiH.

National airline companies are becoming too expensive for state budgets since they are operating at a loss. In the first six months of this year B&H Airlines had a loss of 1,6 million KM, while last year the loss was 7,8 million KM.


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