“B&H Airlines” is Operating Successfully

bh airlinesB&H Airlines, as the national airline, has managed to consolidate the power, and to successfully move into a summer and tourist season. The passengers have had the opportunity to buy airline tickets for very affordable prices for all destinations.

Both aircraft are available, and as such are engaged in the regular, charter journeys and other destinations as needed. These indicate the positive trends in all aspects of the company, with the main aim to flight safety, the company is awarded by Airlinereatings.com with a maximum of seven-star safety.

 Long-term loan that the company received in 2005 from Hypo Alpe Asri Bank Mostar, is repaid completely, and with APLP Hypo Adria Leasing doo Sarajevo, currently HETA’ d.o.o. Sarajevo.

 Also, it is important to note that during the last year the company for the first time in the history of  its existence, has achieved positive financial results, along with the fact that all the accumulated losses from previous periods are covered and the current capital is of an amount of 5 million KM, was stated from BH Airlines.

(Source: Indikator.ba)

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