B&H Agency for Statistics: Satisfied with Carrying Out Of Census

zdenkomilinovicThe Director of the B&H Agency for Statistics Zdenko Milinović said at today’s press conference in Sarajevo that the census finished last night at 21:00 in B&H in all 142 municipalities in accordance to the Law on the Population Census. He said that they are very satisfied with the job done by enumerators, municipal instructors and other field staff.

According to him, a total of 40 state instructors, 203 entity instructors, 30 members of the cantonal census commission, 625 members of the census commission of the local governments, 2.800 municipal instructors and 22.000 enumerators participated, as well as staff of statistical institutions that constantly worked on preparations, the organization and implementation of the census. More than 100 tons of paper was used, more than give million forms for the census, methodology, guidelines and other statistical materials. Milinović said that in addition to the personnel statistics, fieldwork was monitored by a total of 28 international observers.

‘’The Agency and entity institutes provided continual support to people involved in fieldwork. A public call center was at the disposal of citizens the entire time, and there were a total of 6.911 calls by citizens. The largest number of calls took place on the last day with a total of 693’’, said Milinović.

He added that support to staff in the field was provided every day from 8:00 to 21:00 with the free call center through which expert methodological assistance was available for the fieldwork. A total of 2.891 calls of state and entity instructors was recorded.

According to him, the majority of citizens had a complaint because the enumerator followed the methodology and law and did not want to fill out the census according to how citizens wanted.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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