Beyond Wriezen by Daniel Abma Winner of 8th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival

Still1_BeyondWriezenWith a unanimous decision of the international jury, the film ‘Beyond Wriezen’ by Daniel Abma from Germany is the winner of the 8th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival. The Bulgarian film ‘Tzvetanka’ by Youlian Tabakov received a special jury award. The winner will receive an award, the copyrighted work of conceptual artist Alma Suljević called 4ENTITY, which is an activist work in progress that draws attention to the demining progress in B&H.

‘’We admire the winning film due to its brave approach to socially complex issues presented through the lives of three main characters. Through a subtle installation procedure and intimate approach to filmmaking that directly confronts, we have unanimously decided to award the prize EXTRA MUROS 2013 to the film ‘Beyond Wriezen’ by Daniel Amba’’, said the jury.

Daniel Abma expressed great satisfaction for the recognition, but also his regret that he was not able to personally receive the award. ‘’I am extremely honored that I won this award, which means a lot to me. In the second year of film academy in Potsdam, we began the project ‘Beyond Wriezen’ and I am very glad that the public and jury were fascinated by Jan, Imo and Marcel as they were to me. Thanks again to the people of Sarajevo!’’ said Abma.

The award 4ENTITY by artist Alma Suljević, which will be presented to the winner of the 8th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival is actually a work in progress that, with a complete concept refers to the problem of demining in B&H. According to the artist, the work will last until our country is free of mines. ‘’Focus on the process of demining makes this work an activist one because it arose out of the need for social responsibility’’, said Samr Dizdarević, who presented to the public the 4ENTITY festival award on behalf of Alma Suljević.

After the winner was presented, films that are the result of workshops of documentary film ‘Who saw a video? were presented, whose mentors were directors Guillermo Carreras-Candi, Vladimir Tomić and Srđan Keča. Young artists highlighted the experience at the workshops as great, new and a creative experience and expressed a desire to continue with the creation of films in the future.

From 13 to 18 November, the 8th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival featured 70 films from more than 40 countries. In addition to the competition program extra muros, there was the selections re:versus, which brought the most important documentary films from world festivals, the program of short films called kung-fu shorts, the artistically inspired program arts&docs, and the focus of this year’s Festival was on film collectives, which showed 23 films from the period since 1950 to 2012 as part of the program ‘we film our bruises, as if cinema were a revolution’.

The 9th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival will take place from 12 to 17 November 2014.

(Source: Pravo Ljudski)

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