Between 30 and 40 Thousand Employees to be fired in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina!


The key to the survival of the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the age of coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary for the government at all levels to bring economic support measures as soon as possible, President of the Federation of Employers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adnan Smailbegovic told Avaz newspapers.

He added that work is being done to prepare the measures, but time is crucial. “April 1st is a very important date for the Bosnian economy, many companies are waiting for this month to end and make a decision as to next. From April 1st, decisions will be made on the fate of the workers, they will decide whether the workers will be sent to the bureau or whether some combined method will work,” said Smailbegovic.

According to him, these figures of 5-6 thousand people who appear at the bureaus are still optimistic estimates. “My estimate is much more pessimistic. If nothing is done after the first of April, we will have between 30 and 40 thousand employees at the bureau. We have our suggestions, it is important to define the story of the loan repayment moratorium by the end. What the Banking Agency has suggested is how banks are left to decide who is at risk or not, but they need time that we do not have at the moment,” explained Smailbegovic. The president of the Employers Association stressed that the government should move to pay all taxes.

“At the very least, governments should also assume a down payment for at least these non-working companies. There are a lot of companies that stopped working and the workers were not fired but sent home. In this way, stability of the pension and health fund would be maintained,” said Smailbegovic.


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