Better Side of BiH: Heroes who “enlighted” the Year of 2016

little-boy-zejdThis is a reminder and a story about heroes, the people without whom 2016 would be just a gray bar. They are the real better half of BiH.

First Graders of the Primary School Osman Nakas in Sarajevo

This was one of the most beautiful stores in 2016, one of the few in BiH that found its place in foreign media.

In fact, it is a story about entire class of children who learned sign language just to be able to communicate with their colleague Zejd Coralic, a boy who is deaf. And not only that children and the teacher learned sign language – families in a little better financial situation paid a course of sign language to children whose families were unable to pay for the education.

Referee Darko Obradovic

It happened at the end of February this year, when young players of Zrinjski and Olimpic were playing on the field and a real drama took place.

The young player of Olimpic Belmin Halilovic fell unconscious after “colliding” with the goalkeeper of their team, and the situation has become very serious. The position of his body was not good, and the young football player started to choke.

Fortunately, the rapid reaction of the referee Darko Obradovic saved this young life.

Brave Policeman Elvir Husilovic

Policeman Elvir Husilovic from Sarajevo saved the life of a girl who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge into the cold Zeljeznica River at the beginning of December.

He, usually modest and quiet, did not talk too much about his brave move. He just quietly said that it is in his job description to save and help people…

Mayor who “rocked” the Balkans

Decision of one Mayor from BiH has spread like an epidemic through Balkans…

After the Mayor of Kakanj, Nermin Mandra, decided to redirect the money intended for the celebration of the New Year’s Eve to a treatment of a seven-year old boy Evelin Alajbegovic, the whole region applauded, celebrated and said “yes, that is the way to do it.”

His example was followed by cities in Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia … and what made his decision to made impact on populations is said in this message:

“Fireworks for New Year’s Eve that will not be made in Kakanj, will be the most magnificent and most beautiful on the planet. Fireworks of best wishes and support to little Evelin…”

That kind of fireworks will take place throughout the Balkans on the 31st of December 2016.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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