Who are the best Students of the University of Sarajevo?

14918999_1778607529073221_3363334509731871618_oSelver Pepić from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Mirza Ibrahimović from the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education are the best students of the University of Sarajevo in 2016.

Selver is the best student of the first study cycle with an average grade of 10.00, while his senor colleague Ibrahimović is the best student of the second study cycle with an average grade of 9.98.

In a letter dedicated to professors, assistants, parents and colleagues who attended yesterday’s official graduation ceremony in the full hall Juan Antonio Samaranch, Pepić wrote that everyone decided to renounce on some of the things valuable to them in the process of acquiring a diploma.

“Colleague students, when you could have wasted your time on small talk or careless loitering, you invested your time in yourself, following countless lectures and drills, reading books, doing homework, preparing exams and worrying about results of them. In addition, some of you left the coziness of your home and came from far away, from other cities and countries, to one unknown environment, in the pursuit of your dreams,” Pepić wrote.

Pepić thanked the professors and assistants for, instead of dealing with their research and studies, investing their energy in conveying knowledge and experiences to students. He also thanked parents for helping their children cope with their problems, and for investing their time and money in order to make a better life for their children.

“Moreover, thanks to our country Bosnia and Herzegovina for enabling us, despite everything that is obstructing it, a free access to quality education, which used to be a privilege, and I sincerely hope that we will take advantage of that gift to improve ourselves and the society we live in because no one can do it instead of us,” said the best student of the University of Sarajevo in 2016.

His colleague Mirza Ibrahimović said that the path to academic recognition that they have passed is short but challenging, and that they did not spare themselves. He told his students to be a change in the society, to continue educating, to become necessary and indispensable, to not wait for the system but to prove that they are a part of it.

“One move of each one of us at the right moment can be a major change in our loved Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the world. Today is the day; 5.491 new possibilities, new tools, generators of ideas for a better tomorrow,” said Ibrahimović.

(Source: klix.ba)

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